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Our site will probably never have an RSS feed

Unless we can be convinced it’s A) Not the most pointless thing on the planet for a webcomic and B) easy to implement and automatically updating.

After spending close to 7 hours trying to figure it out, researching, and analyzing the whole RSS situation, here are a few things that just don’t make sense.

1) It has to be manually updated/changed every time we update. This is, of course, another step in the process. We advise you to bookmark us if you like us. While we want to make seeing Zeke is Hungry as easy as possible, RSS is no easier than clicking a bookmarked link. In addition to that, it’s actually detrimental to us (as far as we can tell).

2) That’s because there is no way to do an RSS feed with the way our strips are loaded. We could, possibly, do a feed of the .png image. Of course, this means you will never actually visit the site because the new strip pops up on Google Reader. And we WANT you to come to the site, especially as we add more and more content.

3) We could do something else, like an RSS feed of the archives page (this might not actually be true), but then people are only visiting the archives page, and not the main page. In the near future, we plan to run a couple unobtrusive ads on the site. These are, of course, best when on the main page. If people are only checking out the archives page, there’s no need to go to the main page. This hurts us in the long run. And we could RSS feed the blog, but with the way its implemented (it’s not actually part of the site, but included as an iframe), unless we actually put the strip in the blog (that will never happen ever), that doesn’t do a whole lot. You click the RSS link and go to the wordpress blog, then have to manually enter the site name anyway (if anybody would like to play with our blog CSS to make it better, btw, that would be great).

We’d love to add a useful bit of technology to bring the strip to more people, but RSS just doesn’t seem to be the way to go. If somebody can convince us otherwise, and prove to us that all we have to do is put some code on the main page once and everything is automatic after that (and all that pops up on the RSS feed is a link), we’ll do it.  Come on, RSS experts, give us your best shot.