Monthly Archive for September, 2010

Go Johnny Go, Go

Next Monday is our 100th strip, and as we (rock ‘n’) roll into the century mark, I wanted to give a bit of an update on the BF1000. It was our longest-running story, and, well, it’s not over yet!

As I put the finishing touches on the strip, I couldn’t decide if the BF1000 should be singing in the last panel. I opted to go without it because I felt adding some “Johnny B. Goode” lyrics (including a Johnny 5 reference, which I decided to just use in the title of the strip) was trying too hard/making it too obvious.

In other words, if the drummer in the awesome blue suit and “Enchantment Under the Sea” (and the big red guitar and the previous robot strips) weren’t a tip off, well, what can we do?

BTW, I hope Julius Peppers gives Aaron Rodgers a shoot K-Driller tonight. Go Bears! 🙂